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Consumer Connection

Finding a “why” that connects a brand and its consumers .

A science-based path to mindset for your brand

What Can or Should My Brand Stand For?

“It’s not what you do – it’s what you stand for” is the title of a best-selling book on positioning.
Everyone is aware that a brand is more than just product performance. And that’s why everyone is looking for Purpose. A mission. The mysterious “Why?” everything starts with. But what is the correct solution? Fortunately, there is science. In this case, psychology, which has long known the basis on which people make decisions. This also applies to purchasing and branding decisions.

The Science Behind Successful Positioning

When it comes to finding out (or possibly even influencing) how decisions are made, the concept of “subjective theory” helps. Subjective theory refers to the basis for decision-making in a particular area of life, shaped by life experience and culture. We call it “Geisteshaltung”. Finding the right one, by the way, doesn’t require a charismatic guru or a workshop or brainstorming session. With the so-called “Struktur-Lege-Analysis” a proven method is available to extract the connecting Geisteshaltung from qualitative statements.

This is how it works

Find the connecting Geisteshaltung systematically

Set the search fields

All brands operate within a fundamental playing field that is usually determined by values and emotions. By the way, these can be exactly measured with our “Emotional Territories” tool.

Create stimulus material

For each stimulus material, a large selection of the most provocative images and texts possible is created. It is intended to illuminate every facet and launch the most intensive discussion possible.

Depth Psychology Workshops

In depth psychological interviews, subjects are given soul-searching: “How do you understand the input?” “Is this desirable?”, “Why?”, “How can you say it better?”, “Why?”, “Why?”, “Why?”

Create association space

The hundreds of statements from the interviews are broken down into the smallest units, so-called semantic basic building blocks.

Condense to mindset

The often more than 1,000 basic building blocks are condensed into the mindset with the help of the structure-liege analysis that has been tested in scientific practice.

A sentence that connects all the building blocks.

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The Result:
A State of Mind Is More Than Just a Well-Intentioned Phrase

The mindsets we identify have a practical use: They establish the psychological link between brand and consumer. Because they use the customers’ inner world view. The result: consumers can identify with the brand in a flash – regardless of all the product features.

This makes a mindset the indispensable center of any successful positioning.


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