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Emotional Territories

The only practical and scientifically based tool to determine the relevant values and emotions for a brand or category.

The right emotions for your brand

When it comes to determining the emotional home of a brand, we didn’t want to rely on our gut. And we weren’t satisfied with the usual methods of locating brands on the market, either, because we think it’s unworldly to try to grasp beer, underpants and cars (and your product, whatever it may be) according to the same 2-3 emotional dimensions. So – together with mathematicians from the University of Münster – we developed a scientific method that solves this task better: Emotional Territories.

More reliable, more accurate, more practical

Emotional Territories is made for people who need practical actionable results to work with their brand.

Emotional Territories is more reliable: we normally work with 1,000 test subjects who are recruited according to their specifications. The large number of test persons guarantees a representative result with the highest significance.

Emotional Territories is more precise: the Emotional Territories algorithm does not work with a few basic emotions – like many other methods in this field – but is based on a scientifically founded set of values and emotions that cover the marketing-relevant emotional space. Furthermore, the algorithm examines not only the individual values and emotions, but all possible combinations. This corresponds to a list of 10³² individual emotions. In other words, Emotional Territories can capture and distinguish between every conceivable nuance of emotion.

Emotional Territories is more practical: Emotional Territories delivers results in plain text form. You receive the values and emotions relevant to your brand and their connection to each other as “Emotional map”. In this way, you can see exactly how the emotional world of your brand is made up. In addition, you will learn exactly how large the proportion of the target group is that shares the respective values and emotions.

Emotional map

Image: Example of the emotional map

Three things you can do better than ever with Emotional Territories

1. brand status
With Emotional Territories, the status of your brand (or the status of your competitors) can be determined with unsurpassed accuracy: You know exactly which values and emotions make up your brand, where and how it differs from the competition

2. target positioning
Emotional Territories are an excellent way to develop target positioning: you can recognize which value fields are occupied and which are free. And most importantly – you get concrete figures about how big the respective value fields are, so that you can calculate your future potential

3. target achievement
Emotional Territories shows you concrete ways to reach your goal: Use the detailed results to create quantitatively validated marketing concepts. With Emotional Territories, this is not a problem, since the results are available in “story form”, so to speak. If you know, for example, that for your brand the connection “friendship”, “light-heartedness” and “freedom” is more important than the connection “friendship”, “home” and “tranquility”, then you can develop different and more relevant concepts than before.

Emotions are priceless.

Emotional Territories does not.

For Emotional Territories, we have put together a modular pricing model that, in its simplest form, even provides a free entry into professional value and emotion management and can be adapted to your needs as you see fit.

Additional modules complement the core service of Emotional Territories analysis up to the complete marketing and communication strategy.

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