Methods & Tools: Emotional Territories

Emotional Territories

The only practical and scientifically based tool to determine the relevant values and emotions for a brand or product category.

Identify values and emotions so your brand captures the heart of your target audience.

How should my brand feel,
how should it present itself?

Everybody knows it: only in the rarest of cases people decide strictly rationally. There are always feelings involved. Especially when it comes to brands. If a brand stands for the right values and emotions, that justifies almost any extra price. Those who appeal to the right values and emotions reach their target group more effectively. But: what are the right values and emotions? The usual suspects such as “likeable”, “competent” or “trustworthy” do not help. If you want success, you need more precise knowledge.

Measure Emotions
to Work With Emotions

Emotional Territories is an algorithm developed by Supersieben.
It measures values and emotions so precisely that even the subtlest differences – for example between brands within a niche – can be clearly identified.

Those who have a better understanding of their target group’s feelings can differentiate themselves better from the competition, position their own brand more relevantly and develop more effective measures.

Why did we develop our own tool?
Because none of the solutions available on the market were able to measure the subtle emotional differences that distinguish one beer brand from another, for example.

This is how it works

Measure up to 10³² different values and emotions

1.000 test subjects

In order to obtain reliable results, we normally work with 1,000 test subjects who are recruited in online panels according to the respective project requirements.

52 values and emotions

We work with a fixed, scientifically validated set of 52 values and emotions (type 2 emotions).
The 52 terms are questioned in a binary way: Do you feel […] when you think of […]? Yes/no.

52.000 data points
The amount of data generated is so large it can be examined using Big Data methods.
The algorithm finds structures
The algorithm we developed identifies values and emotions that are closely related to each other and form so-called value fields.
Emotional map
Multiple value fields combine to form an emotional map. It shows the exact characteristics of all values and emotions relevant for your brand/market.

The result:
A map for emotions

ET Mockup

52 Werte und Emotionen

Diese 52 Typ-2-Emotionen bilden die Grundbausteine, aus denen sich 10^32 verschiedene Emotionen bilden lassen.


Der Emotional Territories Algorithmus sucht (und findet) sog. statistische Zwillinge unter den 52 Werten und Emotionen.

Ein Wertefeld

Der Algorithmus ermittelt zusammengehörende Werte und Emotionen und bündelt sie in einem Wertefeld. Mehrere Wertefelder bilden die Emotionale Landkarte.


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