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[Employer Branding]

This is what happens when brand experts think about employer branding:
The employer branding process that makes your employer brand strong from the inside out.
And not only from the outside.

No branding without brand

Employer branding has become a buzzword.
The fancy name for prettier job ads and nice career pages.
(“That’s pretty great employer branding.”)

Too bad actually. Because in times of workerlessness, a strong employer brand is essential.

As leading experts in brand positioning, we know that brands that work need a strong core.

That’s why employer branding starts with the systematic development of your employer brand framework.

First the brand. Then the marketing.

Those who invest their lifetime deserve something special

8 hours a day. Every day. Year after year. There are few brands with which people have such an intense relationship as with employer brands.

Reason enough to think better, more intensively and more precisely about what a brand that demands so much must stand for. That’s where the best tools are just good enough.

Employer brand framework is the logical evolution of our classic brand framework, which has been successfully used for positioning many branded products.

In the employer brand framework, we define the essential components of your employer brand.

Who is the brand aimed at?

Here we determine the general “Group of Interest” and the specific sub-target groups. These are defined – just as with classic branded products – by behavioral characteristics, demographics and psychological commonalities.

What does the brand promise? And how can she hold it?

Employers must promise more than money and security. But what exactly meets the material and psychological needs of the target groups? And how can an employer prove that its promise is actually kept?

How does the brand appear?

Values and personality shape the appearance of a brand both internally and externally. Which of these are important for the company and the (potential) employees can be measured, by the way. We use our Emotional Territories tool for this.

What does the brand stand for

Behind every strong brand is a mindset that connects brand and people. A kind of common creed.

Only when you know exactly (not assume, believe, hope) what your current and potential employees believe in can your company become an employer brand.

We work with scientifically validated methods to determine this mindset.

Talk to the doer:

Svenja Gurski
Employer Brand Manager
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One brand.
Three implementation directions.

When implementing an employer brand, one should proceed just as systematically as when strategically planning it.
We recommend status checks, target/actual comparisons and measures in three areas in which your employer brand can be experienced.

Who fits the brand?

There is also a “brand fit” with brands and people.

We transfer the values and mindset developed during the development of the Employer Brand Framework into questionnaires or other measurement tools.

This allows you to determine internally and externally how well someone fits your brand – and vice versa.

How does the brand act?

Every strategy remains a pious wish if it is not lived. This also applies to employer brands.

The concrete action is active employer branding.
All activities for and with employees can be divided into five segments: compensation, career, culture, work-life integration and work value.

We draw up a target/actual comparison for each segment, identify the most effective starting points and – if necessary – derive measures.

How does the brand communicate?

“You can’t not communicate.” is an old wisdom. But you can very well communicate incorrectly. Namely, not brand compliant.

We create a content and formal framework for your personnel market communication. From corporate wording to design.

This can then give rise to all the things that are often so glibly referred to as “employer branding”: Websites, profiles in portals, job ads, etc.

But surely you now also understand why the process should not be started with these means of communication and we stand by our motto:

No branding without a brand.

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