Streetwear is easy – you just have to be cool.

Streetwear is easy – you just have to be cool.
But which cool is the right one? Spoiler: there are 6 types.

Especially with streetwear, the difference between cool and cringe is often minimal. This applies to cuts and colors just as much as to the staging. Just off the mark is often completely missing the target group. What is right and what is wrong can rarely be determined by facts. You have to get to the heart of the target group. ????

There are three ways to increase the hit rate:

  1. One is sure that one’s gut feeling is not wrong.
  2. You can afford trial-and-error.
  3. You take a systematic approach and find out who thinks what is cool.

We decided on option 3 and used our Emotional Territories tool to find out which values and emotions are crucial for streetwear. Over 1,000 respondents and just over 52,000 answers later, the algorithm was able to get to work: Response behaviors were compared, similarities were detected or discarded, and structures hidden in the huge data pool were identified.

The result at first sight: Streetwear always has something to do with rebellion.

The result at second glance: Rebellion is not equal to rebellion. There are six manifestations, which are more or less widespread.

????‍☠️ The adventurer who combines tenacity with risk-taking and ambition

???? The “anything-goes guy” who combines with streetwear the joy of diversity and the fun of ideas

???? The status conscious who is proud of himself

???????? The loyalty-conscious, for whom streetwear has something to do with going through thick and thin together

????The classic that seeks the everlasting even in streetwear

???? The cuddly type for whom streetwear must have a favorite feel-good character

This is a foundation on which both designers and marketers can work.

Two questions come to mind:

  1. Which streetwear type are you?
  2. Which values and emotions are important for your brand and do you really know them well?

Talk to the doer:

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CEO/Managing Director
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