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How to calculate target groups

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Initial situation:
Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG is a private bank belonging to the Würth Group. In the Private Banking business area, there is IBB jiminy an innovative digital asset management product aimed at addressing new potential customer groups. Since the product is extremely flexible, theoretically all types of applications are conceivable – from entry-level products for first-time investors to add-on products for very wealthy investors. But which application makes the most sense economically?

Identify target audience segments and associated KPIs that promise a profitable, scalable business model.

Work like an engineer


Numbers don’t lie. From parameters such as customer acquisition costs, depot size, investment duration, media prices, etc., models can be created with our Business Scenario Calculator tool that show what business volume must and can be achieved to break even. At the same time, entire target group segments can be excluded because they lie outside a feasible corridor.

The result:
Identification of various target group segments including the respective KPI for customer acquisition costs, investment duration, securities account size, etc. as a basis for the marketing strategy

If target group(s) and business model influence each other, a dynamic model can be used to calculate the optimal constellation. This provides key figures to control the subsequent marketing steps.

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