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With Consumer Connection to powerful positioning

Initial situation:
Already today, every 3rd newly registered car has a hybrid drive. Every 7th car drives purely electrically. As a result, the need for charging infrastructure increases. The market is dominated by a few large hardware providers. weEnergize is a startup that specializes in distributing premium DC fast charging stations from Ionium in Germany. In doing so, weEnergize pursues a full-service approach from planning and installation to service and maintenance.

Development of a sustainable positioning and the brand identity derived from it – from the name to the website.

Work like an engineer


“It’s not what you do – it’s what you stand for!” also applies in a B-to-B market. To determine what a startup must stand for in such a market, we chose a form of our “Consumer Connection” working method adapted to the specific circumstances. It is based on the psychological concept of “subjective theory” and shows which mindset connects brand and customer.

For this purpose, in-depth psychological interviews were conducted with both the founding team and potential customers from different target group segments. The statements were decomposed into their basic semantic units and these were analyzed using structure-liege methods analyzed. This gives access to meta-levels behind the actual statements that are not explicitly formulated.

The result:
The unifying attitude is less than assumed about responsibility and sustainability. Much more important to the target groups is the topic of “participation”: the opportunity to be part of a 100% secure future development today and to profit from it.

This was the basis for the brand idea “The future is here for everyone” and the entire brand identity, which is extremely focused on accessibility and user needs.

If you know the theoretical basis on which people make decisions, even in the B-to-B sector, and if you have the means to identify these attitudes, which are usually not obvious, relevant positioning can also be developed and implemented in a very short time.

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