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Spitzbub Studios:
Which cool is the right cool?

The truth is in the data.

Spitzbub is a streetwear brand that sells fashion both on its own website and on platforms such as Zalando or About You. The competition is intense.

A positioning that creates added value and makes Spitzbub desirable

Work like an engineer


External features such as the quality of the material and workmanship, the selection and design are at Spitzbub at least on a par with the competition, and in some cases even significantly above it.

Nevertheless, sufficient differentiation cannot be achieved via these properties.

With fashion in general, with streetwear in particular, the values and emotions that are transported or expressed by the brand play a prominent role. Put simply: Either a brand is cool – or it isn’t.

The task, then, is to find out which values and emotions contribute what to the coolness of a brand.

Our Emotional Territories tool can recognize and distinguish 10³² different values and emotions.

We surveyed over 1,000 men and women from the target group, confronted them with the validated basic emotions, and let the Emotional Territories algorithm determine the structures in the over 70,000 responses.

The result:
A quantitative assessment of relevant values and emotions.

An emotional map with seven relevant value fields. (See simplified representation) The map shows both the exact definition of the values and emotions and the target group potential behind each individual value field.

Together with demographic data, style preferences, and willingness to spend, this makes it possible to clearly determine which values and emotions are the most suitable for Spitzbub.

These results were deepened and further differentiated by qualitative market research.

A positioning, captured in the form of a brand framework. All key areas (target audience, message, rationale, values and personality) are based on data. This minimizes uncertainty, saves time and money, and provides a solid basis for design, layout and development work based on it.

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